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How to Submit

Thank you for your support for the Right Reg Coalition’s comments to Health Canada—it’s got to help. Now we’re back with more to do, to keep the momentum going. Earlier letters went to the regulators editing the material—we’re now going to ask the politicians to tell the agencies to listen seriously to the industry. We hope you’ll help and as before, we’ve tried to make it easy for you--attached, please find two versions of letters you can send out.


The first letter, CANFER-MP is to be personalized with your specifics and sent to your Member of Parliament. If you’re not sure who that is, you can find the name by entering your postal code here: If your company is located in one political riding/district, and you or some of your team personally live in another, consider sending to both MPs. You will see that the letter has several areas for you to personalize with your company name and employee count. Please be sure to edit those sections before sending on! We also recommend putting it on company letterhead. You can email your letter directly to the MP’s parliamentary email address, which is just So Mark Gerretsen, for example, would be


The second letter, “CANFER Letter to Minister of Health” is for the new Minister of Health, the Honourable Mark Holland. The Minister who was in that position during the original development of CANFER—and with whom we had discussions—was recently replaced. The new Health Minister has no knowledge of CANFER’s impact on our business. We would like to make him aware that fixing this regulation matters. Please personalize the attached letter and email him at: We need to put this issue on his desk.

Letters Here

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