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As a reminder, ALL stakeholders are required to register with the Government before March 8th, 2023. 

How to Register

Unfortunately, the Canadian government has not provided a form to enter data or a registration pdf or other material.  In the law (text below) they stated that they require the following information from a company:


Company Name:

Contact person:

Mailing Address:

Physical Address (if different):



Products handled (flooring/cabinets/panels/furniture/other):

Business Type (manufacturer/importer/distributor/retailer/builder/other):


To be sent to this email address:


We suggest you click on the address (which will open a new email).  Provide the info above in the message.  Send it off!  And if they ever automate the process, we’ll let you know.  Below are the rule specifics that are the basis for this information. 

Formaldehyde Factsheet

Information to Minister

31 (1) Every person that manufactures, imports, sells or offers for sale a composite wood product that contains formaldehyde must provide the Minister with the following information in writing:
              (a) its name, civic and postal addresses, telephone number and, if any, email address as well as the name of its contact person; and
             (b) a statement of whether it manufactures, imports, sells or offers for sale composite wood panels, laminated products, component parts or finished goods, as the case may be.

Canada Gazette for CANFER outlines this as well:

All manufacturers, importers and sellers of composite wood products must identify themselves to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Canada at within 60 days of the Regulations coming into force.


The Formaldehyde Emissions from Composite Wood Products Regulations (CANFER). English and French available.

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