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Harmonizing and Improving Canada’s Regulation on Formaldehyde Emissions in Composite Wood Products


The Canadian government is pursuing amendments this year for its regulation on Formaldehyde Emissions in Composite Wood Products (CANFER). The final version of the existing regulation was first published in July 2021 and became effective January 7th 2023.  This Canadian formaldehyde regulation is the result of a multi-year effort on the part of trade associations and businesses to bring forward a harmonized regulation aligned with the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), Title VI in the United States.


While manufacturers, downstream manufacturers, retailers, and other supply chain participants applaud the government’s enacting of this regulation, industry urges the government to address inconsistencies between US and Canadian regulations.  This is not only to ensure that any requirements do not add undue burdens to businesses and the cost of doing business in Canada, but to reduce the risk that current ambiguities and conflicting requirements might lead to unintended violations.



The Right Reg coalition encompasses a wide membership of suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, and other organizations involved in the overall supply chain. Together our aim is to work with the government of Canada and officials to address inconsistencies between TSCA Title VI and CANFER, as well as remove any unintended consequences that are adding new burdens to Canadian businesses and those who do business in Canada. We also support stakeholder education on final responsibilities under the Regulation.

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